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courses of Mariachiara Pozzana on

Garden Design

Villa gamberaia is pleased to offer its guests and friends the opportunity to study garden design and planting design (designing with plants) with mariachiara pozzana, a well-known landscape architect, during their stay at the villa.


The two options, a three-day course and an eight-hour workshop – open to both gardening enthusiasts and those tackling this exciting topic for the first time – are aimed at providing both a creative experience in the design of small green spaces and botanical knowledge essential for a specific project. The 3-day courses (20 hours of lectures, study and discussion and design) offer insights on the theoretical and practical aspects of the design of small gardens and on the project of the plantations.
The workshops (8 hours of lessons, study and planning) focus on topics such as designing a terrace and designing a flower garden.
A particular workshop is dedicated to photography in the garden with the photographer giovanni Breschi specializing in photos of gardens and landscapes.
To activate a course, a minimum of four students is required and a minimum of six is ​​required to activate a workshop.
For more information contact Villa Gamberaia or Casalta Company: info@villagamberaia.com

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